Denise Konicek Tiling - Installation and Design
About the company
I am the sole proprietor - you deal with the same person from the estimate through the completion of your project. I pride myself on treating each job as though it were being done in my own home. My building standards are those of the Tile Council of North America (TCA) that issues the national ANSII (architectural) standards for tile installation in the USA.
How did I get into this?
Both my grandfathers were contractors and I grew up building things from the time I was old enough to hold a hammer. My father helped me complete my first tiling project at age 18 and I was hooked. I continued to do tile jobs 'on the side' during my many years working in the health care field. When I hit my midlife crisis I invested in career counseling with Cliff Hakim (whom I highly recommend) to find out what would be a good fit for the second half of my working life. After much soul searching and prioritizing, Denise Konicek Tiling was born in Fall 2005. Since that time I have accumulated seven Angie's List awards. Many customers also report they have found me through recommendations on local ListServ for their town or employer.
I provide free written estimates, almost always after an on-site visit to evaluate the job specifications and talk over such items as where I can set up the wet saw and whether there are any special requirements (e.g. pets, children's schedules) that need to be accommodated.
My labor rate is $50 per hour with a $300 minimum.
In most instances I provide the customer with a firm price for the job and stick to it even if it takes me more time than estimated (I have several customers that will attest to my honesty on this point).
In cases where the job scope cannot be determined beforehand - i.e. we won't know the extent of a repair until the tile wall is demolished - I provide a tentative estimate but reserve the right to amend it after demolition is completed and I have discussed the situation with the customer.
Materials purchased by me are charged at cost plus tax without additional mark-up and are listed on the invoice. Photocopies of receipts are provided on request.  
Mailing Address and Phone:
Denise Konicek Tiling                       Cell: 781-439-1870
141 Highland Avenue
Winchester, MA 01890
My normal work hours are 9 am to 5 pm on weekdays. Weekend hours by arrangement. Willing to do estimates on evenings and weekends as arranged.
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